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♥ So I often times don’t like to find myself complaining because of the fact that I am gratefully and truly aware of how God has blessed me in my life overall. Often times I have encountered people that are intrigued by our family of 5. They usually skip my husband and me all together and comment on “all things our boys” which brings us great joy, but truthfully it reminds us of the never-ending feeling of always feeling exhausted. I think people get the concept of having 3 boys under 7 years old, and what it may feel like in our experience. Often time while I am in public with our 3 sons people comment on how full my hands are, or they remind me of the countless prayers that go up on my behalf by them lol.

♥ The thing that must be highlighted is the importance of understanding the true liberty that current parents of little ones should be given by those who choose to ask their opinion about their parenting journey. I am a true believer of true and accurate empathy given to people.

♥From a personal point of view, I am learning to hold back a bit on being transparent about my current state in parenting. I am learning that my reply will often be misunderstood and minimized by those that are not currently going through this particular season of parenting and you know what it’s ok all the way around.

♥ My question to you is: How do you handle the criticism of others who mean well but ignorantly just don’t get it?


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(Terrible 1’s?)

The youngest star of our team Dathyn (the baby) Declyn has decided to emerge and take on the true meaning of what most like to call the (terrible two’s) way before his 2-year milestone arrives in November.

He manages to run through the house on a regular basis like a mini tornado seeking to turn over, up, and out anything in his path. As a mom of three, I honestly had to have sit back recently and try to remind myself of my past experiences with my other two children to see if I could remember them becoming a mini raging (I want things my way) little person.

Our pediatrician best described our Dathyn’s (craze)stage as a cry out for independence. She reminded my husband and me of what it would be like to be picked up and taken from one location to another every day, consistently against your will. She says, Imagine being in your state now having people telling you what to eat, wear etc. It would cause you to become a bit feisty right….. Well.. I agreed.

I think as parents we have to be mindful of being empathetic about the different seasons that our children go through in their growth stages of life. It’s easy to shrug them off and deem their emotions and inability to fully communicate the way we do as nothing.

It’s important that as the mature examples that we are to our children that we do the extra work to give them much patience and understanding. When we find ourself defensive of our children’s  natural process of frustrations let us take a few steps back before moving forward.

Here are a few tipz that I learned to help with counteracting frustration on both parts.Read them and feel to comment to let me know if they worked into your system of parenting. I hope these tips are helpful! I want us all to succeed and enjoy our mothering experience!

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Just like that here comes 1😂😂😂👶🏽

So just like that our baby boy Dathyn will be one. I have mixed emotions once again. While I am looking forward to his growth I am hurting because my baby won’t be a baby soon🙄…My middle place of peace is realizing the blessing of being able to give birth and the enjoyment of babyhood for all three of our princes. 

Dathyn will be 1 on Nov, 18th @7:30am lol. I am determined to enjoy every second of him continuing of course after he’s 1!!!

One other thing that I am struggling with is the decision to end my breastfeeding journey. I don’t intend to breastfeed as intensely after he turn one ☝️ but we will see what comes of it all….

Our birthday plans are in full affect! We are set to do a Mickey Mouse theme. He 💕 the Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I am expecting about 10 guest. I’ll be sure to post pictures. Transition from babyhood to crazy toddlerhood won’t be easy but it of course will be fun!! 

I love you Dathyn Declyn mommy is certainly looking forward to watching you grow and grow!!! Lets party! #BigFat!

Homeschooling World! 

With great excitement I am happy to share my beginnings with our homeschooling journey! The journey has indeed began! The hardest part was the start up of it all. One thing about living in these great times is that information is on overload. I find out when your doing any type of research it’s harder than ever to pin point what may work for you exactly. I’ve chosen to be more spontaneous about the journey of homeschool due to the fact that my family and I are still getting settled in some areas. While somethings are temporary with us it’s quite hard to fully let down our anchor and hit the ground running.

DJ’s our oldest who is 5 years old has embraced the journey of homeschooling at times. He has days where he complains and will ask me the whole time if he’s done. This is a bit frustrating because I want him to enjoy the journey in every moment. But let’s face it no kid or human will ever be 100% satisfied with anything!

Daryn our cartoon character who’s 3 is happy to do anything I give him for school work. He usually will do about 2 hours of work, and then he’s done. He’s really has improved on writing skills since we’ve began. He hold a pencil like a pro now!

Dathyn is our sweet baby boy. He pretty much goes with the flow of our homeschooling day. He is a schedule kind of guy. As long as he’s on track he’s good to go.

The biggest challenge with having all three boys at first was working with them on their on level of studies. But I’ve learned how to assign task to each one that’s easy for them to navigate through on their own like art or coloring. Then this gives me more time to focus on harder subjects that requires my help with each child.

I’ll be sharing my homeschooling schedule in my next post!

Please feel free to let me know if you have questions or feel free to post your homeschooling journey. I’d love to hear what works for you!
MasterMom Tamia❤️❤️❤️