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√ Completed! I just finished uploading my first official “The Life of A MasterMom” Vlog on my official youtube channel! YAY! (Mommy Dancing.)

The vlog is a simple personal contribution to the great youtube world that carries a burst of inspiration to moms in general. I do believe that the moms who have dedicated their lives by choice or by need as a stay at home parents will be impacted by this channel. I also have connection videos called MasterMom TV Video that will contain everyday mom how to videos product review, mommy matters topic such as health, scheduling etc.

Being a 7 year stay at home mom, I have learned so many things on my journey about navigating my days and nights with the children, and my heart’s desire is to capture my moments so that I can look back at my own personal growth, and mostly the growth of my babies. Funny enough I have been into youtubing since about 2014, but I remember coming across a ladies youtube page that totally intrigued me simply because we were so much alike with regards to our mothering situation and season.

I reached out to her and she was super sweet. I want my channel to have the same effect on the stay at home moms and moms in general that connect to my channel. I want to remind them that the #momlife has to be taken one day at a time nothing more. So if you are reading and are interesting in anything mom life tune in! I would love suggestions for video themes similar to “A day in the life of a mom, clean up routines, dinner ideas for toddlers etc! Please comment and share what you think would be amazing! Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the little bell for updates and more videos! Thanks in advance for your support!



My (SAHM) Stay at home Mom-6 Year Journey.




Wow, it’s been six years that I made the choice to leave the world of the corporate work life and become a MasterMom lol. YES, My Journey or being a stay at home mom has been filled with its share of ups and downs and pros and cons. I could imagine that it looks very similar to the journey of many moms who make the choice to stay home with their children and not continue in the traditional way that our society points you in as a means of success.

My journey started 6 years ago when our Prince Dywane Jr.

Dywane Dawkins Jr. Our 1st Prince.

was born. When I came home from the hospital and prepared myself for many parts of motherhood I held him and cried from being so overwhelmed by the feeling of instant love. I remember keeping the reality of returning to work in the back of my mind and realizing that I had a job to do in the world. I had a conversation shortly after that pouring out to my husband in great passion the fact that I could not bring myself to leaving my little bean in the arms of a babysitter since we had no family in our state that could be of assistance. We both made the greatest decision ever and that was for me to stay home with our 1st born, 2 years later we tried for our second son Daryn aka MR. Fatts and the real work begin having too little’s under 3 years old. While I always must admit my love, hate relationship with mothering I can say I love every bit of mother more than hating it!


Two short years following the birth of our second son with great joy we found out we were pregnant with yet another prince,


Mr. Dathyn Declyn aka Big Fat. My heart had been blessed immensely by 3 beautiful sons one after the other. In 2015 I thought long and hard about homeschooling and gracefully walked right into it with dedication and assurance! Each day is filled with a beautiful perspective of seeing our boys grown and thrive. Some days I want to cry, but I know that there is always a bigger purpose in life than what you can initially see and experience. I must say that I am truly grateful to God for His choice to make me a mom, I have thrived in my womanhood the more because of our princes. Day in and out they continue to stretch me and they keep me going to God for direction and patience.



To all the stay at home moms and caregivers of small children, homeschooling moms, and, dads I want to send you lots of love and a shoutout of encouragement to keep you going. Our dedication to forsaking what we know in our traditional ways of life is going to cause Our children to be so much better in life! If you are a SAHM or Dad I love to read your story share below!


MasterMom Tamia-♥♥♥


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Mental Health for Moms….



Does any really pay attention or even think about the mental health of moms. As a stay at home mom of 3 boys under the age of seven years old, I often times think of the mental place that other moms are in that I share this season in particular.

I know that doctors are always concerned about the mental health of moms during a moms pregnancy and right after the delivery and return home due to the high rise of postpartum depression. It’s so easy to feel lost, exhausted and mentally stripped going through the day to day routines of motherhood. I often times have to fight for consistent stability and my own safe space of refill mentally. My husband recently picked up more hours of work, which means that I am officially a single parent just about Monday through Sunday during the daytime. Now don’t get offended by the wording I used to express my position in the home. Being a single parent in this case simply means that majority of the parenting task and responsibility in this season I will carry.

You’ve often time heard of bad stories about moms randomly killing their children, and as a whole and compassionate individual you may wonder how in the world could that mom do that…. she must be a monster. Now I would by no means endorse a mother killing the treasures of God which children are indeed, but does anyone take time to understand the job of moms, and what exactly they do every day. Most moms have the responsibility of raising “HUMANS” teaching them every single detail of what it means to become a decent human being and an asset to our society today. Call me a preach, but from sun up to sun down moms across the world are working intensely by serving their households every day Monday through Sunday with no time off except for the sleep that is required to stay alive…

Initially writing this post I felt a huge ball of emotion, and underappreciation from our society in particular that makes the role of motherhood at times appear to be so simple. Boy, it is not!!! I often time get frustrated talking to people that have no clue and don’t show a sense of empathy at all for Motherhood! But thank God that I feel a level of strength, and pride because I understand the amount of responsibility that God Himself entrusted me with by lending me my beautiful 3 boys to raise, and make great men. I hope that this post triggers you as a mom to think about the choices that you must make each day of raising your children the best way possible. I want to encourage you to also push for peace in your mind so that you can continue to do what has been given to you as one of the greatest and most important jobs on earth and that is raising children. Here are a few things that I do to detox when my fuels running low and I am on my way to exploding!

1-Chamomile, Stress Lavender Tea: Tea has been a God sent. At the end of almost every day, my body craves a warm cup of tea to wind down after I put the little ones down. You should try it!

2-Buy a diffuser- Ever since I purchased one, I love it! It instantly helps to shift my mood will all of the scents that are designed to help address your needs.

3-Prayer and reflection of the day. I often will sit on the edge of my bed right before I drift off to sleep thanking God for the day and thinking about how much He has blessed me in spite of the stress of motherhood. I feel a sense of strength and renewal.

4- Finding someone to talk to about your stress: I will often vent to my husband and mom about what I am feeling. They help me to round up my emotions by just listening or responding and giving me a new fresh perspective.

5- Understanding that seasons change- The best perspective to have when raising children, in general, is to understand that nothing last forever. The best view to have is a positive one realizing that these are your years to sow into your children because they don’t stay small forever!

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The Progressive Journey Of Mothering Small Children.

The gifts we are given in this life are amazing. One of these gifts is the great responsibility of parenting a little life that is helplessly depending on you for their every need in their season of growing. Motherhood is such a wide and vast subject to address because there are so many phases, levels and experiences that are discovered as the process of motherhood takes place. I believe that it’s important for those who are in their mothering season to embrace whatever part of the experience they are going through and to maximize it to it’s fullness. When you ask a mother what motherhood is, be ready to receive several different definitions based upon that mother’s experience and season of motherhood. But the one thing all mothers hold as a common ground is the love that they have for their children no matter the age.

Being a mother of 3 small children ages 4, 2 and one on the way this November, has given me so many experiences. My main experience as a mother in this season revolves around close care and nurturing my boys as they each develop in their individual ways. I honestly never imagined that I could be so tired, but at the end of each crazy energy filled day my reward is the satisfaction of knowing that each one of my heaven sent special gifts have been taken care of to the best of my ability. Mothering small children takes many small qualities that have to be developed as you go through each day. There are obviously many characteristics that must be developed in order to be a great parent. But first it’s important to acknowledge the fact that as a mother you will never be perfect. Imperfections and trial and error are inevitable. Four of the most important characteristics that can help you to be a great MasterMom, as I would call the mothering experience especially dealing with small children, are the following, patience, acceptance, organization and consistency.

From the moment you make the decision to conceive, or even if you find out and are completely surprised, the “journey of patience” will begin. As mothers, we wait 9 long months and struggle through some of the greatest emotions and physical changes in such a rapid time that all results in the birth of a beautiful living soul, your bundle of joy. Following your birth, the sleepless nights of feeding and diaper changes begins. If you’re a nursing mom, you’ll wait patiently for your milk to come in and then start the bonding that comes along with nursing your little angel. Each step of development of your little one gives you a deeper revelation of life and the blessing it is to have a baby. During the process of raising small children, you’ll lose your mind a time or two or wonder what you were thinking, but through all the mixed emotions, you’ll be led into the next characteristic of mothering, which is acceptance.

Throughout this experience, mothers tend to begin to level out their crazy emotions and negative thoughts that rise because of their fears & failed experiences from not feeling like the perfect mother because nursing your baby didn’t work out or the baby accidentally rolled off the bed. When mothers can accept the fact that they can only do the best that they can and mistakes come with the experience then the beginning stages of mothering can become more enjoyable than overwhelming. Sometimes you have to let the chips fall where they may.

Organization is another characteristic that will be the best friend of any mother of small children. It’s all about setting a pace and a plan and following through. But it’s important to remember that all won’t always go as planned and guess what, that’s ok! Children always thrive when they have order and direction and it keeps them from becoming overwhelmed, because they are being programmed to know what’s next. If you forget, don’t worry they will be sure to remind you.

Lastly, the characteristic of consistency is vital. Like I mentioned previously, little ones thrive off of order and direction. In my experience, my 4 year old does great when he’s on a schedule and is heavily occupied each day. Remember everyday of this new life for children is a growing, learning and exploring experience. This is why children get into everything, they don’t climb on the table and knock everything down to drive you nuts. They are simply exploring and learning. It’s so important as mothers to change your mindset and really study and invest in your little ones. By doing this, you are given more insight into who these little people are becoming and why they do what they do during their different periods of growth. Every mother should enjoy the experience and journey of motherhood. It shifts from one season to next so swiftly and you don’t want to miss any of the precious moments. Make a conscious decision to do the best that you can each day by consciously developing the needed tools so that your little legacies can enjoy the experience of you mothering them as well. Hold fast to these small tokens and enjoy the journey of motherhood.

With Lots of ❤️ MasterMom Tamia~