Homeschooling World! 

With great excitement I am happy to share my beginnings with our homeschooling journey! The journey has indeed began! The hardest part was the start up of it all. One thing about living in these great times is that information is on overload. I find out when your doing any type of research it’s harder than ever to pin point what may work for you exactly. I’ve chosen to be more spontaneous about the journey of homeschool due to the fact that my family and I are still getting settled in some areas. While somethings are temporary with us it’s quite hard to fully let down our anchor and hit the ground running.

DJ’s our oldest who is 5 years old has embraced the journey of homeschooling at times. He has days where he complains and will ask me the whole time if he’s done. This is a bit frustrating because I want him to enjoy the journey in every moment. But let’s face it no kid or human will ever be 100% satisfied with anything!

Daryn our cartoon character who’s 3 is happy to do anything I give him for school work. He usually will do about 2 hours of work, and then he’s done. He’s really has improved on writing skills since we’ve began. He hold a pencil like a pro now!

Dathyn is our sweet baby boy. He pretty much goes with the flow of our homeschooling day. He is a schedule kind of guy. As long as he’s on track he’s good to go.

The biggest challenge with having all three boys at first was working with them on their on level of studies. But I’ve learned how to assign task to each one that’s easy for them to navigate through on their own like art or coloring. Then this gives me more time to focus on harder subjects that requires my help with each child.

I’ll be sharing my homeschooling schedule in my next post!

Please feel free to let me know if you have questions or feel free to post your homeschooling journey. I’d love to hear what works for you!
MasterMom Tamia❤️❤️❤️

Living the mommy life!



I am finally back on board to blog again on the MasterMomz Site! It’s been close to 3 months of cuddling, changing, feeding and raising my new bundle of joy + 2. I always manage to quote the saying that “3 is children is not 2” to whoever asks me how the mommy journey is going…

Daryn, DJ, Dathyn my three sons! 

I think the hardest part is trying to figure out the every need of a human being that you just met who cant talk lol. I have finally really figured out why God gave us moms a motherly instinct!


Daryn in the Pink age 2/ Dathyn in the blue 2 and a half months xoxo

It’s been a rough road of healing and sleep deprivation, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 3 boys under 5 is my life at this time and finding complete balance is the hardest but greatest adventure. I want my journey of motherhood to make a mark that impressionable and achievable for other moms coming the same way to be able to connect with and succeed without feeling like they have to be perfect. 


“MasterMomz Connect questions”

  1. What are some of the struggles you currently face with your babies all under the age of 5?
  2. How do you balance the mommy life?
  3. What do you love about the journey of motherhood?

Preparing to be a mommy again. Love letter to the prince.

It’s amazing the emotions that I feel and have felt with each one of my pregnancies with my boys. There are certainly highs and lows both mentally and physically as you could imagine when carrying a little baby on the inside of you. It amazes me each time when I truly sit back and think about the miracle of a little human with purpose and life being carried and formed inside of me. As I prepare “to be a mommy again”I am carefully enjoying each kick and stretch realizing the bitter sweet season change that is about to take place. I’ve been able to nurture and carry and protect my little one on the inside of me, but now I’ll have to do that another way. Through prayer I’ll continue to ask God’s divine protection over this little one’s life as God orders his steps and stops. I am Praying as his mommy that he’ll conquer all that he can in this life and that he becomes everything he was meant to be.

I love you my sweet prince.

See you soon. Love mommy.

The Progressive Journey Of Mothering Small Children.

The gifts we are given in this life are amazing. One of these gifts is the great responsibility of parenting a little life that is helplessly depending on you for their every need in their season of growing. Motherhood is such a wide and vast subject to address because there are so many phases, levels and experiences that are discovered as the process of motherhood takes place. I believe that it’s important for those who are in their mothering season to embrace whatever part of the experience they are going through and to maximize it to it’s fullness. When you ask a mother what motherhood is, be ready to receive several different definitions based upon that mother’s experience and season of motherhood. But the one thing all mothers hold as a common ground is the love that they have for their children no matter the age.

Being a mother of 3 small children ages 4, 2 and one on the way this November, has given me so many experiences. My main experience as a mother in this season revolves around close care and nurturing my boys as they each develop in their individual ways. I honestly never imagined that I could be so tired, but at the end of each crazy energy filled day my reward is the satisfaction of knowing that each one of my heaven sent special gifts have been taken care of to the best of my ability. Mothering small children takes many small qualities that have to be developed as you go through each day. There are obviously many characteristics that must be developed in order to be a great parent. But first it’s important to acknowledge the fact that as a mother you will never be perfect. Imperfections and trial and error are inevitable. Four of the most important characteristics that can help you to be a great MasterMom, as I would call the mothering experience especially dealing with small children, are the following, patience, acceptance, organization and consistency.

From the moment you make the decision to conceive, or even if you find out and are completely surprised, the “journey of patience” will begin. As mothers, we wait 9 long months and struggle through some of the greatest emotions and physical changes in such a rapid time that all results in the birth of a beautiful living soul, your bundle of joy. Following your birth, the sleepless nights of feeding and diaper changes begins. If you’re a nursing mom, you’ll wait patiently for your milk to come in and then start the bonding that comes along with nursing your little angel. Each step of development of your little one gives you a deeper revelation of life and the blessing it is to have a baby. During the process of raising small children, you’ll lose your mind a time or two or wonder what you were thinking, but through all the mixed emotions, you’ll be led into the next characteristic of mothering, which is acceptance.

Throughout this experience, mothers tend to begin to level out their crazy emotions and negative thoughts that rise because of their fears & failed experiences from not feeling like the perfect mother because nursing your baby didn’t work out or the baby accidentally rolled off the bed. When mothers can accept the fact that they can only do the best that they can and mistakes come with the experience then the beginning stages of mothering can become more enjoyable than overwhelming. Sometimes you have to let the chips fall where they may.

Organization is another characteristic that will be the best friend of any mother of small children. It’s all about setting a pace and a plan and following through. But it’s important to remember that all won’t always go as planned and guess what, that’s ok! Children always thrive when they have order and direction and it keeps them from becoming overwhelmed, because they are being programmed to know what’s next. If you forget, don’t worry they will be sure to remind you.

Lastly, the characteristic of consistency is vital. Like I mentioned previously, little ones thrive off of order and direction. In my experience, my 4 year old does great when he’s on a schedule and is heavily occupied each day. Remember everyday of this new life for children is a growing, learning and exploring experience. This is why children get into everything, they don’t climb on the table and knock everything down to drive you nuts. They are simply exploring and learning. It’s so important as mothers to change your mindset and really study and invest in your little ones. By doing this, you are given more insight into who these little people are becoming and why they do what they do during their different periods of growth. Every mother should enjoy the experience and journey of motherhood. It shifts from one season to next so swiftly and you don’t want to miss any of the precious moments. Make a conscious decision to do the best that you can each day by consciously developing the needed tools so that your little legacies can enjoy the experience of you mothering them as well. Hold fast to these small tokens and enjoy the journey of motherhood.

With Lots of ❤️ MasterMom Tamia~

Mickey Mouse the Gold Digger….

As parents of little ones, who have visited the world of all things Mickey Mouse you will be able to relate the strong statement of Mickey Mouse being a possible gold digger! While parents love Mickey the Mouse, going to his home in California or Orlando, FL can be quite expensive! Being the MasterMom you are you must be sure to go to any Mickey Mouse events armed and ready. Obviously going on vacation to Disney World should be a well thought out plan that is put into place. Your trip must have a budget, but the truth is with all the excitement happening everyone that has a budget seems to somehow run through it and over it! Some how spending $25.00 dollars on sunblock doesn’t seem like a big deal until you count all of your receipts at the end of the day. Recently, enjoying a trip with my children we visited Mickey’s Magic Show Play and some how being a slight pro at the Mickey Mouse spending games, I came up with great ways to save money when you are going to see the mouse. Check out the following tips:

1. Pack Snacks: Usually when you go to plays the main thing that they serve at a ridiculous price is popcorn. Of course we know that popcorn is every kids dream so take a trip to party city and get a couple of goodie bags. Place you popcorn in those cute party bags and your good to go! Don’t forget to keep it a secret and when you arrive at the show when those vendors are standing at the entrance with $12 dollar bags of popcorn and goodies you can reach in your bag and silence your little one instantly.

2. Mickey Gear: Be sure to visit places like Walgreens to get Mickey Mouse shirts and gear for a great price. Also, visit online websites that sell shirts and caps for 1/2 the price of the vendors at a Mickey Mouse shows.

3. Prep for outburst: Redirecting your little ones attention is always key. The tantrums will come and go, but always have reinforcements. Everyone that has been to Disney has purchased one of those Mickey Mouse ears hats lol. Just dust it off and bring it with you so that you don’t have to spend $25.00 on another one.

4. Prep to give in!: Yes you can go to a Mickey Mouse play with the mind to not spend on anything but the tickets. But just in case that soft spot in your MasterMom heart begins to ache, when your little one ask for that cute little $16.00 dollar tambourine it’s ok to give in just make sure you are prepared.

From one MasterMom to another~

Founder of MasterMomz, Inc T
We ❤️ you Mickey the Mouse❤️

Fighting the good fight against yucky germs!

Recently, my boys have gotten several colds. It’s been a great adventure of trying to balance my already super MasterMom schedule with now taking on extra task to care for my boys! So I have learned several things that have been a blessing in preventing my boys from getting colds. From my heart to yours see my top 5 cold prevention tipz! 

1. Hand Washing: Washing your kids hands, and your hands will help prevent so many unnecessary colds. Be sure to wash your little ones hands before meals, and remember to wipe down their tray areas with all-purpose wet wipes after each meal. Be sure to sing the happy birthday song to insure that all the germs are gone plus this also makes the time pass quickly which is fun for little people.


2. Cleaning Toys: Now this one is hard, but if you get into a routine then a habit will develop easily so that you can be consistent. Be sure to wipe down toys down at least 1 time a week. You can also run the bath and dump all the toys in hot or warm water, and put a couple of drops of soap or toy cleaning spray. 


3. Baths: Since my oldest has started school he seems to be the one bringing home all the germs from his cute little classmates! So by the wisdom of another mom, she suggested that I bathe him as soon as he gets home from school. This works like a charm, because I don’t have to worry about bathing him before bed. Be sure to take your child’s school clothes off asap, and place them in the dirty clothes hamper to be washed. 

4. Portable Cleaners: If your anything like me, and you have had countless nights of caring for a sick child, while facing serious sleep deprivation you won’t mind at all spraying lysol in the air any where, as a stranger has the nerve to cough right in front of you and your children without covering their mouth! AHHH! Be sure to carry hand sanitizer, lysol and hand wipes in your baby bag at all times!



I hope this helps!


Here My list of must have germ killers! Enjoy!

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