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♥ So I often times don’t like to find myself complaining because of the fact that I am gratefully and truly aware of how God has blessed me in my life overall. Often times I have encountered people that are intrigued by our family of 5. They usually skip my husband and me all together and comment on “all things our boys” which brings us great joy, but truthfully it reminds us of the never-ending feeling of always feeling exhausted. I think people get the concept of having 3 boys under 7 years old, and what it may feel like in our experience. Often time while I am in public with our 3 sons people comment on how full my hands are, or they remind me of the countless prayers that go up on my behalf by them lol.

♥ The thing that must be highlighted is the importance of understanding the true liberty that current parents of little ones should be given by those who choose to ask their opinion about their parenting journey. I am a true believer of true and accurate empathy given to people.

♥From a personal point of view, I am learning to hold back a bit on being transparent about my current state in parenting. I am learning that my reply will often be misunderstood and minimized by those that are not currently going through this particular season of parenting and you know what it’s ok all the way around.

♥ My question to you is: How do you handle the criticism of others who mean well but ignorantly just don’t get it?


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