HomeSchooling Journey

So a new journey begins with my wonderful superheros! The research has been started to be put into play a plan for homeschooling our boys DJ age 5 and Daryn age 3. Some how with all the information on the Internet that’s available to you still allows for you to become so overwhelmed with all of your options. Somehow in all of the available options of homeschooling, I’ve been able to come up with a final plan. I’m learning more and more that the older that I get the more structure is required to keep me sane. I’ve discovered that there are several types of homeschooling moms or dads. I seem to fall into the eclectic bunch. Being an eclectic homeschooling parent means that you simply like to pull different resources from different places and then compile them all into a structure that works for you and your family. I think my main reason why I wanted to homeschool my boys. Is because I realize and believe that our society and school system doesn’t have the ability to give my boys the fullnest of what they need. This is not to say that all schools public and private are horrible. But it simply means that I made a personal choice along with my husband to care for our children in a more personal way. So as I go along my journey of homeschooling I hope that you’ll join me feel free to contact me to let me know how yours is going or how it simply has been I’d love to hear from you.

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