Preparing to be a mommy again. Love letter to the prince.

It’s amazing the emotions that I feel and have felt with each one of my pregnancies with my boys. There are certainly highs and lows both mentally and physically as you could imagine when carrying a little baby on the inside of you. It amazes me each time when I truly sit back and think about the miracle of a little human with purpose and life being carried and formed inside of me. As I prepare “to be a mommy again”I am carefully enjoying each kick and stretch realizing the bitter sweet season change that is about to take place. I’ve been able to nurture and carry and protect my little one on the inside of me, but now I’ll have to do that another way. Through prayer I’ll continue to ask God’s divine protection over this little one’s life as God orders his steps and stops. I am Praying as his mommy that he’ll conquer all that he can in this life and that he becomes everything he was meant to be.

I love you my sweet prince.

See you soon. Love mommy.

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