Correct care for newborns! Tips that can help you to save your newborns life!

If you are a mom that seeks out information on all things mommy and baby you may have come across a sad article about a mom and baby recently in the news. This article was about a mom who recently added water to her breast milk so that she could stretch the amount of milk she had to give to her baby. Unfortunately, the end result was that the precious baby died from toxic poisoning which can occur when newborns digest to much water. If you are a mom you may have instantly felt terrible for the mother. 

When mother’s prefer to exclusively breastfeed their babies they make a choice to began a journey that could succeed or fail. If you’re a mom who has ever traveled this road of breastfeeding you could understand the mindset behind what the mother was trying to do when she was trying to stretch her milk supply. But in life our desires must be accompanied by wisdom. There are instantly serveral lessons that come up in this moms unfortunate story. Lesson one is to be sure that before you judge the woman’s decision or agree with her receiving jail time for the death of her baby that you must-at least first have had the experience of nursing or bottle feeding a baby. It’s also important to understand the hard struggle that moms go through, when they have a mind to breastfeed their babies, but they don’t produce enough milk to fulfill this desire. In so many cases some moms just do not have the available funds to purchase the formula that can roughly between $20-30 plus dollars for one can or bottle. But, when becoming a mom it can not be stressed enough that moms should follow their God-given mother’s intuition in different situation, but also utilize the technology and resources that help to greatly educate their decisions when caring for their babies. The end thought and lesson is that it’s important for moms to continue to support other moms. It’s so important that moms never feel alone when their going through their motherhood journey. Let’s support each other as moms so that another sad story of a baby being poisoned can be put to rest. Please send prayers up for this family. 

Please share your comments below regarding the story about the mom who lost her baby being in knowledgable about toxic poison that infants can face when their not properly feed. 

Please see tips below on things you can do, when your not sure about if you’re caring for your new baby correctly. Moms let support other moms. #MomzSupportingMomz2015 #MomzHelpingMomz2015
MasterMomz Newborn Care Tipz: 

1. If you are a mom who is unsure about giving your newborn proper care don’t be shy or embarrassed! Ask for help! No one knows everything! Instantly call your pediatrician or a mom that has children around the age of your newborn. It’s important to connect with moms around your child’s age, because the mom you would connect with will be up to date with the latest information and tips. Times change and so does information. Be sure to seek medical advice this is and should be priority in caring for your baby. 

2. Be sure to take your newborn to all needed doctors appointments and carry a journal that will help you to remember the questions that you have regarding your newborn. Remember no question is a stupid question! And every question can be asked over and over until your sure you understand the anwser.

3. Don’t ever hesitate to take your infant to the hospital or the nearest urgent care, if you believe that your newborn is not responding in a usual way.

4. Always pay close attention to your newborn for any changes. Be sure to contact the newborn nursery at the hospital that you delivered at. The nurses are always willing to help. The hospital should also provide breast feeding support  > is a great resource for breastfeeding help. 

5. Be sure to seek out for help from available services when you do not have enough money to provided your baby with the needed food. Please contact WIC or your pediatricians office for assistance. Pediatrician offices are always willing to give you free samples of milk and formula. Just ask….…/babytoxicity/26670583/635660349802087497-Still0430-00006

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