Mickey Mouse the Gold Digger….

As parents of little ones, who have visited the world of all things Mickey Mouse you will be able to relate the strong statement of Mickey Mouse being a possible gold digger! While parents love Mickey the Mouse, going to his home in California or Orlando, FL can be quite expensive! Being the MasterMom you are you must be sure to go to any Mickey Mouse events armed and ready. Obviously going on vacation to Disney World should be a well thought out plan that is put into place. Your trip must have a budget, but the truth is with all the excitement happening everyone that has a budget seems to somehow run through it and over it! Some how spending $25.00 dollars on sunblock doesn’t seem like a big deal until you count all of your receipts at the end of the day. Recently, enjoying a trip with my children we visited Mickey’s Magic Show Play and some how being a slight pro at the Mickey Mouse spending games, I came up with great ways to save money when you are going to see the mouse. Check out the following tips:

1. Pack Snacks: Usually when you go to plays the main thing that they serve at a ridiculous price is popcorn. Of course we know that popcorn is every kids dream so take a trip to party city and get a couple of goodie bags. Place you popcorn in those cute party bags and your good to go! Don’t forget to keep it a secret and when you arrive at the show when those vendors are standing at the entrance with $12 dollar bags of popcorn and goodies you can reach in your bag and silence your little one instantly.

2. Mickey Gear: Be sure to visit places like Walgreens to get Mickey Mouse shirts and gear for a great price. Also, visit online websites that sell shirts and caps for 1/2 the price of the vendors at a Mickey Mouse shows.

3. Prep for outburst: Redirecting your little ones attention is always key. The tantrums will come and go, but always have reinforcements. Everyone that has been to Disney has purchased one of those Mickey Mouse ears hats lol. Just dust it off and bring it with you so that you don’t have to spend $25.00 on another one.

4. Prep to give in!: Yes you can go to a Mickey Mouse play with the mind to not spend on anything but the tickets. But just in case that soft spot in your MasterMom heart begins to ache, when your little one ask for that cute little $16.00 dollar tambourine it’s ok to give in just make sure you are prepared.

From one MasterMom to another~

Founder of MasterMomz, Inc T
We ❤️ you Mickey the Mouse❤️

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