Fighting the good fight against yucky germs!

Recently, my boys have gotten several colds. It’s been a great adventure of trying to balance my already super MasterMom schedule with now taking on extra task to care for my boys! So I have learned several things that have been a blessing in preventing my boys from getting colds. From my heart to yours see my top 5 cold prevention tipz! 

1. Hand Washing: Washing your kids hands, and your hands will help prevent so many unnecessary colds. Be sure to wash your little ones hands before meals, and remember to wipe down their tray areas with all-purpose wet wipes after each meal. Be sure to sing the happy birthday song to insure that all the germs are gone plus this also makes the time pass quickly which is fun for little people.


2. Cleaning Toys: Now this one is hard, but if you get into a routine then a habit will develop easily so that you can be consistent. Be sure to wipe down toys down at least 1 time a week. You can also run the bath and dump all the toys in hot or warm water, and put a couple of drops of soap or toy cleaning spray. 


3. Baths: Since my oldest has started school he seems to be the one bringing home all the germs from his cute little classmates! So by the wisdom of another mom, she suggested that I bathe him as soon as he gets home from school. This works like a charm, because I don’t have to worry about bathing him before bed. Be sure to take your child’s school clothes off asap, and place them in the dirty clothes hamper to be washed. 

4. Portable Cleaners: If your anything like me, and you have had countless nights of caring for a sick child, while facing serious sleep deprivation you won’t mind at all spraying lysol in the air any where, as a stranger has the nerve to cough right in front of you and your children without covering their mouth! AHHH! Be sure to carry hand sanitizer, lysol and hand wipes in your baby bag at all times!



I hope this helps!


Here My list of must have germ killers! Enjoy!

download (2) download (3) download one-016_med2a one-017_med2a 

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