MasterMom masters the art of saving big!!!

So I headed to the mall today. I always know that when I go that I’ll be able to snag a sale! Retail therapy is what I needed today. So I saved $114.00 today! I purchase 3 pairs of shoes, 3 shirts, 2 pair of jeans, 6 pair of socks, and 2 dresses my grand total $121.00! The lady at the cash register gave me and extra 15% coupon, when I got to the register! Being pleasant always pays off!

Momz here’s some quick tips on how to save a few bucks when shopping!

1.Bring emailed and mailed coupons with you to the stores you plan on shopping at the mall. If you don’t have a store in mind check the internet for coupons, before you get to the register.

2. Ask the cashier if they have any coupons to spare.

3. Always go to the “clearance racks” there are always great finds.

Enjoy your retail therapy, but never leave feeling guilty! Save a buck! You can always use it with kids.


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