Whooo!! Long time 1 month to be exact❤️

Hey out there! I haven’t posted in a while. There have been wonderful things that have happen since I last posted! Where do I start? My family and I spent one day at a Disney park, and it absolutely rocked! I think I
had more fun than my kids. We only spent one day in Orlando at the Disney park, but it was a fun filled day. Momz you can follow these quick tips that will help you when you’re doing quick vacation trips.

1. “Pack light”
Momz as tempting it is to over pack it’s not needed. My philosophy is to pack 1 more outfit per day that your away. 9 times out of 10 children will need a change of clothes because of a mess!

2. “Pack snacks and bring all toiletries from home.”
Sometimes when you travel to family vacation places. There are tourist traps! So a bottle of sunblock would ordinarily be $7.99 at your local store but will end up costing you $13.99 if you get it at your vacation kiosk.

3. “Create a solid budget before you leave home.”
It’s important not to spend in excess on quick vacation stays. Be sure to book off ground hotels, which tend to be cheaper than the ones that are located near or on your vacation spot grounds. Remember you’ll be able to commute via car from your hotel to the park of vacation entertainment.

Take heed to these quick tipz, and you’ll be less stressed on you’re quick vacation stays!


~MasterMom T~






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