Must have baby items! Or not….

I’ve learned in my short few years of mothering that you can waste tons of money on baby items you don’t need. Expectant Momz, receive a word from the wise. Never just purchase items because their cute. It’s important to know exactly how your baby item purchase will fit your needs. If your consistently vigilant in not making purchases that are pointless, you will become the MasterMom that saves boat loads of money. Here are a few question that will help you in your decision making when it comes to baby items.

1.Does the baby item fit your full need when it comes to caring for your baby?

2. Can you complete the task of taking care of your baby without the baby item?

3. Can you borrow it?

4. Will you use it consistently?

5. Can you pass it down from sibling to sibling?

6. Is the baby item functional?

7. Did you read the reviews on the item to see how it works for other moms?

Remember Momz! Consider the need of the baby item carefully! In the end when you save you can invest that money somewhere else. Remember children can be expensive!


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