Growing up!

So my little muncha is growing up. At 1:15 am today he turned 6 months old. DND is my little bright eyed, bushy tailed, yeller baby. Boy I think he’s gonna sing for sure. I love every moment that God has given me with this little boy. I remember being so sick during my pregnancy, feeling like the sickness, and pain would never end. I even got shingles, because I was so stressed. But, I do recognize that it was all worth it. Yes I said it. I also would like to thank God for all the hormones that leave you feeling all sweet inside, even after you’ve been cut open for the second time because of a c-section. In spite of it all I am grateful. I am thinking about celebrating some kind of way today. 🎊🎉 Not really sure but I’ll be sure to update you guys with photos.




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