The joys of watching two!

While sitting around after a long day, I am overwhelmed to watch my two angels play and interact. They are both learning each other everyday. It’s amazing to see the love that they automatically have for each other even though they’ve known each other only for 6 months. The bond that has been shown between the two of them comes from inside their hearts and shows itself in their interaction. My prayer as a mother is that the bond always remains. I pray they both understand that they are in need of each other’s support in life. In support there is success! What a great journey they have ahead of themselves!


MasterMom Moments

“MasterMom Moment!”

The featured MasterMom of the week:

Lady Marla Scott-Johnson

Tampa, FL

Here’s her story of why she is a MasterMom! Enjoy!

Being a mom of three boys who are in different stages in life, I have to be able to juggle life’s task, and responsibility. I’m a full time student pursuing my dreams and I am one, who is still very involved in the life of my local church congregation where I serve. It brings me joy to be able to help my oldest son with homework, and play trains with my toddler, while still changing the diaper of my 7 month old. In addition to these task it is important to find time to spend time with my handsome husband as well. Above all my personal relationship with Christ matters most. I am a MasterMom because, I manage to do all I can, while I can.


Living life to give life!

It’s a blessing to be a mom, but very exhausting. Whooo! I spend each day satisfying the needs of my boys. It satisfies me to see them well taken care of. Whatever the needs are in their lives, I am willing to meet them. I think when you have the consistent mindset, to live respecting your children you become more conscious of who they are as people. It’s so easy to forget that your little ones are people who need respect just like adults. When you acknowledge that they need respect then you can began to teach them the values of respect. It’s a pleasure to serve my snots. At least at this point, I don’t have to worry about them putting my husband and I in an old folks home when were unable to take care of ourselves lol.


4:15 am….Sleep training!!!xoxo

Yes, it’s 4am and what am I doing awake? Sleep training in full effect. When I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, I coined a phrase, “teamgetthusbabyout.” But now it’s team #stopthisbabyfromeatinginthemiddleofthenight. The worse part of this for me is knowing that you clearly have what your baby wants, milk,  but you must refuse it at night for everyones sake. I’ve learned that children will do what you allow. Well I won, my baby boy is asleep and I am sleepy, goodnight..


Seperation anxiety?

Do you believe that separation anxiety exist between a mother and baby? I believe it does. I’ve experienced it time and time again. I have a hard time as a SAHM leaving my chicks with anyone. This morning I had to take my oldest son with me on an errand, and leave the little one home. It was a bit overwhelming, but it’s important to use wisdom concerning your little ones. It was rainy, and cold outside and my lo had already been coughing, so I didn’t want to bring him out. Boy do I miss him. My husband, who’s watching him said, “you can call every hour,” and trust me I will! Learn to cherish every moment with your babies. Remember Momz babies turn into adults… (Crying now)…




Shopping Shopaholic!!! Naaaaa!

So I’ve been quite obsessed with getting great deals lately. Why in the world would I pay full price for the things I love, when I can get them on sale? Remember just about everything will indeed make it to the clearance rack. You better believe it. So for the last two weeks babies r us has been great to me. I have gotten major items on sale. Recently, I went there and spent $140.00 for what could have been close to $400.00. Ha! I win. Please make sure that if you have to buy diapers, wipes and that expensive formula, that you get the great VIB card from babies r us. It gives you 10% back on everything you spend. Be sure to fill it up with the amount your going to spend before you shop and, you’ll save save save. Happy Friday & happy shopping.

*Momz get to BabiesRUs for their massive clearance!

Here are the deals of the week!

Carter’s Boys Penguin Embroidered Footed Blanket Sleepwear
Sale Price: $3.20
original price $20.00

Truly Scrumptious Dinosaur Crib Bumper
Sale Price: $15.99
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Growing up!

So my little muncha is growing up. At 1:15 am today he turned 6 months old. DND is my little bright eyed, bushy tailed, yeller baby. Boy I think he’s gonna sing for sure. I love every moment that God has given me with this little boy. I remember being so sick during my pregnancy, feeling like the sickness, and pain would never end. I even got shingles, because I was so stressed. But, I do recognize that it was all worth it. Yes I said it. I also would like to thank God for all the hormones that leave you feeling all sweet inside, even after you’ve been cut open for the second time because of a c-section. In spite of it all I am grateful. I am thinking about celebrating some kind of way today. 🎊🎉 Not really sure but I’ll be sure to update you guys with photos.