Pea Purée!

So my little baby boy is starting on solid foods now that he’s 5 months old. Yay!👍He had his first pea purée and it was a hit. He loved it👶. The greatest thing about the whole process was having my 2 year old assist me in making the purée. He’s at that age where you have to keep him occupied, if not side messes will be made. Oh! I failed to mention that while I was feeding the baby the pea purée my 2 year the prince😇found some chocolate kisses candy and went to work. The joys of being a master mom.🍼🍼🍼🍼👶👶👶👏👏😭❤️❤️❤️

Listed below see the 5 best 1st foods to try for your little one.
Remember the 3-4day rule. Only introduce 1 food per 3-4 days.

Look for allergic reactions.

“Baby Bullet” is the system I use and live by.


Sweet potatoes



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